Fire retardant resins systems

Lavesan has developped a complete range of resins and gelcoats which can match the stringent fire protection and reaction properties typically required in the building and civil transportation industry.


Alogen free, flame retardant gelcoat with good weatherability and gloss retention. It provides to the composite parts the tipical cosmetics and protection of a good gelcoat without compromising the flame retardancy. This gelcoat family is designed to reach the requirements of flame retardancy and smoke toxicity/opacity prescribed by regulatory authorities for the interior parts in civil transport ships.


Represents an evolution in the flame retardant gelcoat range since thank to its intumescent properties it provides an high fire protection combined with a very low smoke emission.
In combination with Lerpol RS61 it enables the manufacturing of parts rated class HL3 in R1 and R7 according to EN 45545 norms.


Alogen free, filled resin suitable for HLU/SLU , RTM , Infusion and press molding. Laminates made with Lerpol RS 48 and with Lavecoat FN have succesfully achieved the following test ratings:

  • NFP 92-501 : M2 NF F 16-101 :F1
  • DM 26/04/84 (UNI 8457 e UNI 9174) with method CSE RF2/75/A e CSE RF3/77: classe 1B.
  • DIN 4102 part 1: class B2


Alogen free filled resin, very versatile and easy to be processed in HLU/SLU and closed mold techniques. Laminates made with this resin in combination with Lavecoat FT have succesfully met class HL3 HL3 in R1 and R7 according to EN 45545.


Vinylester flame retardant resins, preaccelerated , unfilled.
In combiation with Lavecoat FT, this resin enables the manufacturing of parts compliant with norm EN 45545, requirements R1 and R17.


Filled resins, tixo, preaccelerated suitable fo HLU.
Specifically designed for civil transportation ships interior parts. Laminates made with Lerpol RS 10 FRN anf Lavecoat FN gelcoat have reached the following ratings:

  • IMO Res. A653 FTP Code MSC 61 (67) Annex 1 Part 2 and Part 5 = Approved
  • NFP 92501 –NFP 16-101 = M1-F0
  • DIN 5510 =S4-SR2-ST2
  • UNI 8457-UNI 9174 = Classe 1°
  •  TS EN 545545 = HL2

Our experience and skill in developping resin/gelcoat systems with high flame retardancy perfomance are at your disposal