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Lavesan Solution for the world of composites


LAVESAN Srl is an Italian company that establishes its knowledges and competences on two fundamentals aspects: a forty years experience in the composites’ sector and growing research & development activity in resins and glass fibers.
The resin section is specialized in Epoxy and Polyester Resins, in production of Fire Retardant, Systems, ONE SHOT System for Moulds, Gelcoats and Polyester Adhesives.
Textile division handles glass fibers with production of Woven Roving, Lavecore and Complexes in different heights and grammages depending on clients’ needs.
The company is furthermore official distributor of chopped strand mat and roving for the brand OCV reinforcements.


LAVESAN’s mission consists in offering high quality, highly performed and customized products according to clients’ needs.
Our strength is working with commitment, passion and innovation, granting at the same time a lean production and fast deliveries.
Our Quality and Research & Development laboratories check products’ features not only in the planning phase, but also during and after production process. Our assistance and consultation service is quick and qualified, it’s able to help the customer in solving every kind of production problem.


LAVESAN’s objective is to be the only one supplier of a complete solution for the world of composites.


R&D: LAVESAN’s philosophy is based on constant research and development of new products that are able to give an answer to the most sophisticated requests. Thanks to our laboratories and our technical team, we obtained a role of leader in the market for the development of fire retardant systems.

INTERNATIONALIZATION: LAVESAN strategically works at international level. Foreign customers who buy our products and its quality, are growing. At the same time also the number of Lands to which we exports, is constantly increasing.

TECHNOLOGY and INNOVATION: we use high technologic equipment and tools during the study, formulation and production of our products. Innovation is the key words that bring us working with a view to the future.

CUSTOMER SATISFACTION and DIRECT ASSISTANCE: we assist our customers and always find a solution to their problems and needs. We produce and deliver goods in a quick way, paying attention at the optimization of logistic planning.

RESPECT OF ENVIRONMENT: all our activity is done with respect of environment. We use self-produced solar energy for production consumptions.