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Lavesan Solution for the world of composites
Naval sector
Lavesan produces the most performing and easiest to apply IMO-MED certifiable gel coat/resin system available on the market for the production of interior equipment for passenger transport vessels.
Rail sector
Lavesan, leader in the production of fire resistant resins and gel coats, is capable of meeting any requirement related to the production of the interior and exterior structures and equipment of surface and underground trains.
Road transport
Our company is specialised in the production of resins, gel coats, glass fibers and putties for the construction of iso-thermal van bodies.
Marine sector
Lavesan has designed a complete system (gel coat, resins and polyester and vinylester based adhesive compounds) for the production of very high quality nautical components using any kind of production technology.
Lavesan's core business is the production of reinforcements (mats, sandwiches, Lavecore, etc.) and chemical products (gel coats, resins, adhesives, stuccoes) specific for all kinds of composite production technology (hand lay-up, spray-up, RTM, light RTM, infusion, etc.).
Marble and granite
Orthophthalic and epoxy resins for the restoration of marble and granite.

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Reinforcements for mortar, cement and concrete
Distributors for the Italian North-Eastern regions